Re: Seika THDZ40 connection


Seika driver is built in to newer versions of NVDA. Select the driver in the NVDA settings Insert+N and then Braille. Have you installed the Windows drivers for the display? They can be downloaded at http://www.

OZ0TE Jacob

On 29. mar. 2016at 11.39 Khom Raj Sharma <khomrajsharma@...> wrote:

Hi List,
I am Khom Raj Sharma from Nepal.
I have a deafblind friend want to use NVDA and braille display 

Seika THDZ40 with Windows7 32 bit.

But we could not make it.

Therefore can anyone suggest us how can we configure it and where to download the nvda driver for the display.


Your support is much appreciated.


Khom Raj Sharma


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