Re: Slow behavior of NVDA in Outlook 2016

Andre Fisher

Add-ons? Do you guys have anti-virus?

These need to be clearly specified

On 4/27/17, Paula Hobley <paula.hobley@...> wrote:
Hi Jim,

Nope, this doesn't fix the issue for me.



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More out of curiosity than anything else, When NVDA starts to lag, ALT tab
away from the email and then back again to see if this fixes the issue.


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Hi Sylvie

I found that uninstalling NVDA and reinstalling the latest build has
partially fixed the lagging issue. I still find that it occurs sometimes
when I type longer messages. If you find a better fix, I would be
interested. Although the lagging isn't as bad, and I do not have to resort
to closing the screen reader and running another just to write my email, it
is still frustrating ant time consuming.



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Cearbhall O'Meadhra
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Hi Sylvie,

I am using Outlook 2016 with NVDA on Windows 10 and I do not encounter any
slowing down between screens or when reading text. The only time I
experience that kind of slowdown of speech is in Excel when I am reading
formulas. NVDA takes a while to say "left paren" or "right paren". I looked
into this and found that the mathematical symbols are not in the default
dictionary file and NVDA has to go to another file to find the word to speak
and describe the bracket under the cursor.

Your problem sounds so like this that I wonder if you have a language
setting problem. Are you working in French or English? If in French, are you
using Outlook in English while your language setting is French? On the other
hand, is it the reverse? By that I mean, are you using French when your
default language setting is English? Apart from either of these settings, do
any of the words you meet have French accents or other French symbols? If
so, then you may be experiencing the same problem as mine in Excel where
NVDA has to go to a different file to find the words for those symbols.

Let me know if any of this applies to your situation.

Yours sincerely,

Cearbhall O'Meadhra

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Subject: [nvda] Slow behavior of NVDA in Outlook 2016

Hello all,

First, let me introduce myself as I am new on this list.

My name is Sylvie, I live in France and work for a company training people
on how to make web sites accessible to all.

I use NVDA as my primary screen reader and am really enthusiastic about it.

I write you today for one user who encounters a very slow behaviour of NVDA
while using OUtlook 2016 on his Lenovo PC running on Windows 10.

He uses Google APP Sync in order to synchronise his mails, calendars and
contacts between his different devices.

When he writes or displays e-mails, NVDA reacts very slowly. It sometimes
takes 3 or 4 seconds while going to the next word.

He tried several things to solve the problem: changing his anti-virus
software, disabling Windows Defender, changing settings on Outlook and
Lenovo tools, but nothing has improved.

He installed Jaws 18 and did not encounter the same issue.

Has anyone similar problems or any solutions?

Thanks for your help.

Best regards


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