Re: Anyone having issues with NVDA+F6 in Creators Update?


did you try nvda+f7 in microsoft edge or aby other browsers?
if in microsoft edge, its maybe related to the microsoft edge.
i read somewhere that microsoft recommended that not install update
for windows ten not now to fix the bugs and provide a good operating
and i dont think that you see this behaviour in any browser except edge.

On 4/29/17, Andre Fisher <> wrote:
Let me ask you, are you in focus mode when this occurs? For example,
you go to the Google homepage. If you try this command in focus mode,
it won't work. If you try this command anywhere outside of browse
mode, where you can use single letter navigation, such as on the
address bar, it won't work.


On 4/28/17, Roger Stewart <> wrote:
I have seen problems with the F7 in nvda where it won't display the
elements list but just says something weird like "Carrot Browsing". I
have no idea of what this means, and I think it is of no use to me.
This is kind of rare, and if I hit the F7 a few times, it will go away
and I'll get the elements lists.


On 4/28/2017 7:05 PM, Gene wrote:
It sounds as though this may not be an NVDA problem. Are you using
the same version of Windows as the student? If so, perhaps a Windows
update has caused problems. It's unlikely that the insert key would
work intermittently on two different screen-readers unless it actually
isn't working properly for some other reason.
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Actually, this was a typo, but I will admit that I was trying both F6
and F7 along with the NVDA key.

I'm back at home now but at least 50% of the time or more if I do
NVDA+F7 I get the dialog box about turning Caret Browsing on or off,
which I do not ever recall as happening before.

I was also getting some very weird misbehavior out of JAWS 18 with
regard to its interaction with the use of WinKey and typing to search.
I think the latest dot update fixed that, but more testing will be

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