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Bhavya shah

Dear all,
I am currently in search of any accessible freeware to convert MP3 or
Wav files into MP3 or FLV files for YouTube video uploading related
purposes. I found several online options, but uploading 117 mb .wav
files and downloading a similarly sized converted version back is too
resource-hungry a process in my view. Therefore, could you recommend
me any free and accessible programs that would enable me to convert a
versatile range of file formats offline?
In addition to the above question, I am also curious about whether a
directly converted Wav to FLV file would be accepted as a YouTube
video, as I am informed that YouTube compulsorily requires some slight
visual or image content to be present even in the .flv video file
format, an information about which I reserve my skepticisms, and on
which I thus request your insights and inputs.

Best Regards
Bhavya Shah

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