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Bhavya shah

Hi Brian,
Yes, I do have Audacity. Judging by the fact that it is stricly an
audio editor, wouldn't it be correct to assume that even its plugins
would be incapable of converting files into video formats? Probably
not, as that is what now makes sense to me and is what your message
indicates, but just hoping to double-check. I would still prefer a
simplistic stand-alone file format converter software that would
merely do its file format conversion job, but options and alternatives
are always useful when known.

On 4/29/17, Brian Vogel <britechguy@...> wrote:

          Take a look at Audacity ( ) and any
of the plug-ins (
) (the LAME plugin is for MP3, there are others) you might need as far as
file formats not supported natively.

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