Re: four different questions about nvda and different softwares. please help me!

Rosemarie Chavarria

Hi, Brian,

The only person I'll let touch my computer is my nephew Adrian. He uses team viewer but he doesn't mess things up so I trust him with the computer.


On 3/29/2016 12:43 AM, Brian's Mail list account wrote:
One thing I thing you need to find out. if the person coming in to fix your machine is sighted the I'd suggest team viewer. If not then its got to be nvda's add on with nvda both ends. Please beware letting any oldsighted person fiddle with your machine as from bitter experience they tend to make it not work afterwards. IE they change things like the way you click on ththings and in some cases turn off bits of wiindows services that we need and all sorts of ther messing about.
As for Firefox, the think is that although the latest versions are slower, on some machines, they do tend to be more secure and often support more up to date web sites better thant eh previous known dgood version version 28.

I too don't know what hello is, is this a spellcheck typing error for something else?
alwaways use the latest stable version of nvda, though sometimes the master snap can be a bit better if you have an issue you know the next release might fix.
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Assalaamu Aleykum, Nasrin, I will try to answer your questions as you wrote them. I don’t know all the answers though.

On Mar 28, 2016, at 9:04 PM, nasrin khaksar <> wrote:

hello every one.
i have two questions and i appreciate any answer kindly.
1/ is it share share screen in skype works like team viewer and nvda remote?
for example: if i call my friend and request to come to my system,
controls it and solves my problem is it possible to use share screen
for remote control? I don’t know. I haven’t used those environments.

2/ which is the best version of mozilla firefox until now? no crashes,
more stable, less need to change about:config settings and most
accessible with nada? I’d just use the current Firefox build. Go into the help menu, and go down to about. it’ll update if it isn’t already up to date.

3/ which is the best version and most stable of nvda too? I’d stick with NVDA 2016-1 stable release. I haven’t used the snapshot, so I shan’t speak about it.

4/ could you please help me how to activate firefox hello and how to use it?
in which version of firefox, hello is accessible for nada? I’ve never heard of Firefox Hello. Is it an add-on?

thanks for your help and god bless you all.

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