Re: But, this site doesn't countains virus


I said that when I continued to the site despite the warning, it couldn't be opened.  But that was when  I was testing with a very old version of internet Explorer.  I wouldn't have tested with such an old browser but I didn't know if making an exception in Firefox would be hard to undo.  I didn't want it to be permanent.  But making an exception, I found, can be done on a one time basis so I tested with a much newer browser.  When I tested with a newer browser, I was able to go to the site.  While the problem is probably nothing but an outdated certificate and the site is still probably safe, exceptions shouldn't be made unless you are confident that the site is safe.

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You can work around this by adding an exception


To do this click on advanced then add an exception then click on confirm and that should do it




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