Re: Question regarding use of NVDA with Windows, on the Mac

Sylvie Duchateau

Hello Laurie, Paul and all,

I use NVDA on a mac running via bootcamp, like Laurie.

I tried to use NVDA and Windows on a virtual machine but it does not work so good as when using bootcamp.

When moving from mac to windows, I could not find a way to use braille on both systems. I also had problems with using the NVDA key as cappslock as it is used by VoiceOver.

There is a very good guide by Marco Zehe:

How to map your Mac’s CapsLock key to a NVDA or JAWS key in a Windows virtual machine

The problem is that with newer MacOS versions Seil did not work anymore as I tried to use it. But may be it has changed.

While using NVDA and Windows on bootcamp, this is like Laurie described. Some keystrokes do not work however, such as NVDA+shift+end, the keyboard only recognises that you type NVDA+shift+right arrow, where end should be simulated by typing fn+right arrow.

I hope this helps.



Le 02/05/2017 à 06:19, Laurie Mehta via Groups.Io a écrit :
I have a MacBookAir partitioned... I use Win7 and NVDA using bootcamp.
The Mac keyboard is a little different from a usual Windows keyboard-- at least using Bootcamp-- the keys that are usually in the alt-key position are the Windows keys and the keys in the usual Windows key positions are the alt keys.
My MacBookAir does not have an application key so I use the Windows keyboard combination shift-F10 to bring up that menu instead.

I do not know if these things work the same way if using a VM to run Windows but I've used this set-up since 2011 very successfully.

(Also, I have my F-keys set to behave as Windows function keys and I've chosen to set things so that I must hold down the separate "function" key along with the F-keys if I want to use an Apple function such as turn off screen brightness, turn off keyboard brightness, change sound volume...)


On Mon, 5/1/17, Paul Parravano <paulp@...> wrote:

 Subject: [nvda] Question regarding use of NVDA with Windows, on the Mac
 Date: Monday, May 1, 2017, 5:30 PM

 I am a new NVDA user. May I get a
 few hints on first use of NVDA in this mode, with Windows 7
 and VM Fusion? Anything regarding suggested approach for,
 modifier keys, using the Mac keyboard, and getting access to
 other voices would be greatly
  appreciated. If preferred, feel free to write me off
 If you know of any podcasts or
 tutorials that would help, I would appreciate this
 information as well..Many thanks,

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