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enes sarıbaş

why should blind people be required to pay significantly to get access to crucial applications on their computers? Something, I might add sighted people take for granted.

On 5/3/2017 2:50 PM, Gene wrote:

Do you think that if Window-eyes was in the same economic position as VFO that there would be a free version?  Why should a for profit company give away one of its important profit-making products? 
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When I called vfo in the past they seemed quite hostile to my suggestion
of making a free version of jaws. And also if you get a braille display
in the future, I would recommend getting an orbit reader20 braille
display plus book reader plus note taker all in one, from american
printing house. It will probably be released next month in June. And a
brand new orbit20 will only cost around or a bit less than $500 and its
liquid and dust resistant, rugged and durable, the only one made to work
in hostile environments. And it works good with NVDA.

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