Re: Help! Any way to disable error sound?


Go into nvda settings and preferences then keyboard then uncheck play a sound on spelling errors


From: mk360
Sent: 04 May 2017 03:16
Subject: [nvda] Help! Any way to disable error sound?





That is. I've a Word document but when I try to read it NVDA constantly

play the error sound and display an error in the log viewer. However,

NVDA reads the document, but the sound is too disturbing. So can I

disable the sound? I know that can be important for resolving bugs, bla

bla bla, but for now it is for my study, I have only some days to

prepare the test and is desperating... I can report that later, but now

I need to read it, and concentrate in it.


It is the error in the log, I've no idea why:


ERROR - RPC process 4504 (WINWORD.EXE) (23:08:55):

Thread 5996, build\x86\remote\winword.cpp,

detectAndGenerateColumnFormatXML, 962:

pageWidth does not equal the calculated page width. Some margin or

offset me be missed, this may mean that some column numbers reported

were incorrect. pageWidth: 612 colStartPos: 537.05









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