Resource Monitor suggestion: knowing how much is left rather than used?

Gerardo Corripio

Resource Monitor is great! but I'm wondering if could the idea of aside of telling us how much we've used on the drive, it'd say how much space is left? For instance, here on my Windows7 HP Laptop, It now says C:\ (NTFS unidad): 236.21gb de 280.79gb utilizado 84.1%. F:\ (FAT32 unidad): 7.25mb de 1.99gb utilizado 0.4%. Yes I could subtract if I were want to know how much space is left, but nevertheless it'd be interesting to maybe incorporate (maybe via the number8 slot since I use the command NVDA+shift to invoke the Resource Monitor commands) some sort of a command that'd let us know space left? I'm loving the 7 command for boot time!

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