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Andre Fisher

You can try the ObjPad add-on on the community site. It has a scan
mode that you can toggle to and get the best results. The News app
works quite well, Skype preview is very, very good.

On 5/7/17, Justin Harris <justin171185@...> wrote:

Thanks for this info. Glad to know that I wasn't missing something. Like
I said, a lot of these apps work much better in Narrator, but I don't
want to have to learn a completely different screen reader. But glad to
know I wasn't doing something wrong. Any experience with the Facebook app?

El 7/5/2017 a las 17:59, David Moore escribió:

Hi Justin,

You are not doing anything differently that I am doing. I use NVDA in
the Windows apps as well, and it does take a lot of object navigation.
An app is set up so differently, that the tab, arrow keys, and so on,
will not work in most apps. The apps I use well with NVDAare:

The store app, which can be used by just tabbing. Also, Watch ESPN,
which takes a little use of object navigation, you can mostly tab. The
NEWS app works great with NVDA, but you have to use a lot of object
navigation to read and access the articles. I use the mail, calendar,
and people apps all of the time with NVDA. I am using the Mail app
right now. Those three apps work by just tabbing, pretty much. I do
not use object navigation in the mail app at all. I also use the
Groove app with NVDA using about half of just tabbing, and half object
navigation. One thing you need to know about apps, is that there are
hardly any key commands that can get you around the app quickly. You
are stuck with tabbing a lot. Once you figure how many times you have
to tab to get somewhere, you can tab that many times very quickly. I
hope that helps a little.

David Moore

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*From: *Justin Harris <mailto:justin171185@...>
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Hello everyone,

I hope everyone is having a blessed day. I have been an NVDA user now

for quite some time, but just found out about this list.

I currently have a desktop which I use to run my online radio station.

Also I will be getting a laptop here pretty quick. On the desktop, I

have played around a bit with apps from the Windows App Store, with

mixed results. A lot of them can be used with object navigation, but

most info can't be accessed in the tab order or with arrow keys. For

example, the Weather Channel app. On other platforms it works quite

well. But on Windows, it's a mess. However, I was pleased to find that,

with the Bible app, I could navigate between the different books and

chapters. However, other things such as the verse of the day and

settings, were only available through object navigation.

So, my question is, is there a web page out there somewhere that gives

recommendations of accessible apps? If not, which apps, if any, are you

all using?

I have found that a lot of apps work quite well with Narrator. I

particularly like their Browse mode. However, NVDA offers me things that

Narrator doesn't, such as being able to change the voice with just a

keystroke. Also, I have been using NVDA for long enough that I am

familiar with it. I would prefer not to have to learn another whole set

of key commands. Not a big deal for my desktop, as it is pretty much

only for radio use, but with this laptop, I would like to take advantage

of more of these Windows apps.



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