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I just hit the Start Scan on the Epson Printer, and
choose to scan to PDF.

It creates a PDF file, but the text is not yet readable
by NVDA.

I think I need an OCR program, but Adobe Reader doesn't
have any option like that unless you click CONVERT
and pay for it, I think.

I have some PDF files that NVDA can read without any problems,
but maybe they've been OCR'ed already.

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Depends on what version of software you use to scan it.
You cant use acrobat reader to ocr it,
But if you get a standard version of acrobat it should do the ocr on it.
Let me know if you need anything else.

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Subject: [nvda] Scanning and Reading PDF files

If I scanned a book or magazine page into a PDF file
using a basic scanner, do I need a professional OCR
program to extract the text?

NVDA does seem to have its own decoding system for
PDF files, but I think it depends how the document
was scanned or prepared.

Does anyone know?

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