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Hi there, and thanks for the in depth response. That is interesting, as I have stumbled over your site a number of times when just googling different info. Like I said, it might be helpful to create an app directory that reviews apps for their accessibility.

El 7/5/2017 a las 18:35, Gene New Zealand escribió:
Hi Justin

it will depend on the app what you might be able to do.

Some work straight out of the box with tabbing to get to different parts
of it. Pressing the space bar to open certain sections.

which are buttons some times you have to use object navigation to get to
certain parts of the app.

in other parts you have to use the text review command.

the section you will need to sus out is 5.6 or around that area in the
user guide.

The sections that cover review text and object navigation. they would be
worth getting your head around and will let you get to stuff that you
can not get to with the normal focus some times.

I have just recorded a audio tutorial on the windows store and in the
process of writing up a written one that might help some who might want
to use the store.

But it uses the basics of tabing/ shift/tabing, object navigation and
text review.

I did not buy a app though.

The written part is still a rough draft and both will be posted to the
website of mine if you do not know it already.

if you do not know of it the website has both blindness related material
plus nvda tutorials both written and audio. it can be found at

the commands are for a desk top computer as that is what i use.

Gene nz

On 8/05/2017 8:32 AM, Justin Harris wrote:
Hello everyone,
I hope everyone is having a blessed day. I have been an NVDA user now
for quite some time, but just found out about this list.
I currently have a desktop which I use to run my online radio station.
Also I will be getting a laptop here pretty quick. On the desktop, I
have played around a bit with apps from the Windows App Store, with
mixed results. A lot of them can be used with object navigation, but
most info can't be accessed in the tab order or with arrow keys. For
example, the Weather Channel app. On other platforms it works quite
well. But on Windows, it's a mess. However, I was pleased to find
that, with the Bible app, I could navigate between the different books
and chapters. However, other things such as the verse of the day and
settings, were only available through object navigation.
So, my question is, is there a web page out there somewhere that gives
recommendations of accessible apps? If not, which apps, if any, are
you all using?
I have found that a lot of apps work quite well with Narrator. I
particularly like their Browse mode. However, NVDA offers me things
that Narrator doesn't, such as being able to change the voice with
just a keystroke. Also, I have been using NVDA for long enough that I
am familiar with it. I would prefer not to have to learn another whole
set of key commands. Not a big deal for my desktop, as it is pretty
much only for radio use, but with this laptop, I would like to take
advantage of more of these Windows apps.

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