Re: Question about reading a whole row with nvda in excel

Rui Fontes

With NVDA, unhapply is not possible.


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De: Gene New Zealand
Data: 8 de maio de 2017 04:39
Assunto: [nvda] Question about reading a whole row with nvda in excel

hi guys

I do not use excel enough but a question has been asked about reading a
whole row at one time.

i thik i did see some body ask a question like this but did not see the

is there such a command? or is there a ticket to do this?

The question is below from the person that asked me.

I’m wondering if you know of a command to get NVDA to read an entire row
in an excel worksheet? Seemingly, I can only get it to read the current
cell, but would like it to read at least all that is visible on the row
that I am on.

Thanks for any help.

Gene nz

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