Re: recommended key for use with VMware fusion for NVDA

erik burggraaf <erik@...>

Hi Jessica,  You can get karabiner for your mac and use it to configure the capslock key for fusion.

You can also use karabiner to restore your number pad so that fn + M becomes an insert key.  Of course, this adds numerous other benefits if you can make your fingers get used to the off kilter arrangement of the keys.

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On May 8, 2017 9:17:40 AM "Jessica D" <jldail13@...> wrote:


I’m running windows 10, via VMware fusion.

I need to reconfigure my nvda key, because fusion doesn’t allow the use of capslock as an NVDA modifier, and I don’t have a number pad.

What key would you recommend I use?

Can I use the ` key, since I never type it anyway?

If so, does anyone know what number it is, in sharpkeys?





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