FW: MathPlayer Question

Louis Maher <ljmaher@...>


I am coming around to the view that the best way to read mathematics on the
web and in Word is NVDA with MathPlayer.

I have attached a MathPlayer tutorial which I obtained from

I find that the equations in this file are read orally correctly, but are
not shown in Braille correctly. I was wondering if the security settings
are not correct. Sometimes when you download files from the web, the
security settings are set to be restrictive. You can see these settings by
opening the file, and hitting f6 a couple of times to take your view to a
security message frame. I have set the settings to be as open as possible.

If you do not have a Braille display, then you can't see the effect.

Can you see this effect?

I am using NVDA 17.1, Windows 10 creators release, and Word 365 run locally.

Things work fine on other word mathematical files, and on the web.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Louis Maher
Phone: 713-444-7838
E-mail: ljmaher@swbell.net

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