Re: Anyone else having trouble finding the AD in the new look bbc I player?


Does that mean there is not going to be any more updates?


Many thanks



From: Alasdair King
Sent: 08 May 2017 21:30
Subject: Re: [nvda] Anyone else having trouble finding the AD in the new look bbc I player?


Hello chaps, Alasdair here from WebbIE.


The BBC have killed their 7-day TV listings: you get "Maintenance

mode: From April 18, 2017, the BBC is no longer able to offer XML, RDF

and iCalendar (.ics) views of programme metadata from this location."


This means that the BBC iPlayer TV program from WebbIE is affected.

The listings per-station are all broken - BBC 1, BBC 2, and so on.

However, the Audio Described section is unaffected, because the

program does not use the listings - it goes to the website and

screen-scrapes. (Though I note it needs some tender loving care).


I can't see that the Radio side is affected - there are still

programmes from yesterday, for example.


Best wishes,

Alasdair King


On Mon, May 1, 2017 at 8:41 PM, Brian's Mail list account

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> It seems that as well as taking away the xml code that webie used for

> channel program listings, the pages have changed as well as for those in the

> uk like myself it was relatively easy to find a show, go to the page say yes

> to tv licence, and then select ways to watch and switch on the AD. NOw when

> you go to say yes to the tv licence, it immediately plays and one cannot

> even hear if the selection is there. One assumes its somewhere but either

> nvda/firefox is not seeing it or they have completely screwed it up.

> Has anyone here in the UK managed to watch  programme with AD since last

> week when it changed without warning?

> Is it just me or is it bust.

> Brian

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Alasdair King




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