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The Kaleidoscope Training Unit have a problem, again.


We are running WINDOWS 10, not the latest release, with office 2016 and NVDA 2017.1.


We suddenly experience a problem with Excel as well as when we use the start menu. In Excel there is no speech response when you enter from cell to cell or even when you navigate by using the arrows. When on the start menu the only response is “unknown”. In Excel, for example when you press ALT,P,S,P “unknown” is all you hear.


Strangely, it only happen on certain of our desktop computers. Might I add, we have uninstalled NVDA 2017.1 and reverted back to NVDA 2016.4.


We made a screenshot of NVDA’s Log Viewer which I am going to attach. The attachment name is nvda error.PNG.


Please, if someone can help it would be be appreciated very much.


If you need more info, please don’t hesitate to ask.


Christo Vorster (South Africa)




Christo Vorster

Dosent: Kaleidoskoop Opleiding

Lecturer: Kaleidoscope Training


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