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Devin Prater

Yes, all that is public, most likely.

Devin Prater
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"Jessica D" <> writes:

Hi,I'm just curious, but are things submitted through that page public?Thanks,Jessica

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On May 9, 2017, at 7:21 AM, Quentin Christensen <> wrote:

Hi Brian,

Sorry, I didn't notice your request from a few days ago if it did make it through here.

Anyway, here are our issues: - there is a search edit on that page you can type your query in to see if there's an existing
issue (open or closed, though note it will only show open issues at first by default) which deals with what you are looking for.

To post a new issue, there should be a "new issue" button on most pages. Activating that will take you here: with the
main components being a title edit and a "leave a comment" edit where you can describe your issue in detail.

Kind regards


On Tue, May 9, 2017 at 6:57 PM, Brian's Mail list account <> wrote:

Hi I posted this request a few days back but did not see it turn up, so here it is again.
After logging in to github how does one create an issue for nvda?
Just simple links and buttons to look for is all I want. Not managed it yet, I'm sure it used to be on create new and there was an option, but cannot see it now.
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