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My thoughts exactly.  Once the computer is in an open state like this, it is shall we say, vulnerable for the worms to eat into its brains. This is really  not a bad thing that avast is doing here.  It's all about protecting you in the long run. And um-installing your protection program should be one of the last things you have to do, unless things are in dire straights.  I believe that Norton and McAfee back in the day used similar methods, that required you to remove them either running them in safe mode, or registry editing.

Don't get things twisted, I do not like having to do either of these procedures myself, and have done so occasionally, I do highly recommend that you have sighted assistance, and be sure that it is someone who knows what they are doing. You don't want to be making mistakes in either mode. As for running NVDA in safe mode, I believe that there were instructions on how to do it posted on a list years ago and I may still have them around.  I'll check in and post them if I do. Keep in mind, these instructions go back a ways and there may be better ways to perform this procedure now so if there are better ways, please if you haven't done so already, follow up. Much thanks inadvnace. 


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It's very likely a security feature.  If the program could be removed as you suggest, malware could use the same method to remove AVAST.  The need to use Safe Mode or solve a captcha in such a tool is actually a sign of quality and better protection for the antivirus program against being attacked by malware it doesn't recognize and thus doesn't stop. 
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I have a feeling that the complete uninstall requires safe mode with minimal
drivers loaded. Its one reason I don't like avast myself. it needs an
uninstall utility to remove it completely and that itself needs to run in
safe mode. Quite why it cannot do most of it in normal mode then remove the
rest on the next boot up like many security programsdo eludes me.

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Can not uninstall AVAST. Went to control and prgramprogram and features did
uninstall but did not remove it. Went to setting, app and tab to select
AVAST tab to uninstall. Still there. Help.
Holger Fiallo

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