Re: WinAmp

Arno Schuh

There are skins and/or windows inside Winamp that prevents opening the usual menues by pressing alt and/or ctrl keys. So the only way to reach the Winamp menue is to right click the icon in the systray.
After changing the skin i. e. to the Classic Skin, the usual key commands will work again.
May be there are ways to get the key commands working in Modern Skins, too, but it is hard to explain.

Am Freitag, 12. Mai 2017 17:50 schrieb Gene <gsasner@...>:

I'm not sure what accounts for the difference but it looks like
another way of opening the same menu as alt f does. So it appears
that it is just another way of doing the same thing and will be
unlikely to solve the original problem.

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