Re: Final thoughts on windows firewall as related to my original question.?

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  It used to be accessable a while ago I think pre ver 2 or 3.somthing in win 9x I have not used it in nt. 

On 5/11/2017 6:13 PM, Gene wrote:

For years, people have said that Zone alarm isn't accessible.  I say for years because I remember complaints about it ten or fifteen years ago.  Has the program changed?  Possible but not likely. 
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last time I looked and I admit it was some time ago it wasn't

On 11/05/2017 19:37, Dennis L wrote:
> I would be interested if zonealarm is accessible please report your
> findings.
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> Hi Hi all,
> I'm now trying to do the research to prove the point, on windows
> firewall and so far, I'm not doing so well.
> This review  here:
> contains the common  blanket reassurance that windows firewall is
> "better and better", "just fine", and "a lot of people are happy with
> it", but doesn't include windows firewall in their review for
> demonstration purposes.
> Here's another good article.
> The gist of this article is that between windows firewall and a router,
> you *should* be fine, without having to acquire a lot of security
> knowledge, with the caveat that windows firewall "does half the job".
> This article:
> Reviews the best free firewall utilities from which windows firewall is
> conspicuously absent.
> It took a while, but I managed to uncover this general oerview.
> This is the most useful item I've found yet, and says essentially what
> pundates want to hear.  Windows firewall passes all tests and should be
> just fine for most users.  It also provides tips for getting more out of
> windows firewall, including an add on called windows firewall control. 
> I'm actually considering this, though I'm really leaning towards
> zonealarm and comodoo depending on accessibility.
> Every one wants to share their experience, so here's mine.  I got a guy
> who runs behind a router with windows firewall turned off, relying only
> on antivirus and antimalware protection from third parties and none of
> his six windows computers have had the slightest performance break. 
> Ocasionally his security stops something and off he goes.
> In the past six months, I've had let's see...  Three friends and family
> running standard instalations with windows firewall running come to me
> with systems crippled by attacks.  I know for a fact from installing
> windows software such as utorrent, that the "feature" of windows
> firewall enabling programs to automatically allow themselves through is
> still there.  That's convenient for the attackers.  So, the upshot of my
> experience is that windows firewall doesn't seem to matter.  People
> without it at all sometimes cruise along just fine, while others with it
> enabled alongside regular virus protection such as eset, mcaffee, and
> malware bytes get ravaged.
> I didn't put the question out there because I want to run down windows,
> though I don't particularly like the product.  I put the question out
> there because I want more control and better security than what's
> offered in windows firewall and I wanted to know if any one had tried
> them with NVDA.  I don't agree with relying on microsoft security though
> the general consensis seems to be it's "OK, nothing to worry about", but
> I didn't mean to start a contreversy about the merits of windows firewall.
> Since I'm not going to rely on windows firewall, if any one has tested
> third party software and found it accessible or not, could you please
> let me know?
> Thanks,
> Erik
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