Re: Sapi5 woices dissapired

Alexander Masic

I have now try to reinstall nvda, the funny thing is that Ingmar wish i use as my defaullt. start during the installationprosess. However when Installationproses is finnished, and NVDA start, It start with Espeak. and I am not able to change to sapi5 voices. It's really wear. Boath jaws and Narrator works as it should. Ok i can off course uninstall the update wish i got yesturday and see if that solve problem.

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I don't think this is what he means. I think in voices only the default one will show up, is this right?
Might be worth a reinstall.

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I receive an update from windows yesturday, and what happend afterwoods was that i am not able to run sapi5 woices in NVDA. But the funy is that i am able to run Narrator without any problems. And all woices seems working there. I have turn automatic updates on, but it is the first time i experiense any serius issues after receiving updates.

I have the latest creators build and latest nvda snapshot.

Any other who have experience this?


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