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I updated the Toshiba with Creators edition.  Everything is back to normal.  Why do they do this?  I had almost a week of inaccessible computing and thankfully I have two phones I am able to use.  I was at a loss.  I searched the settings and then clicked on updates and security.  I was hesitantabout upgrading to the Creators edition, but when You all advised me to do so, I jumped at the opportunity and did it.  Thank you for the advice.


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I was just wondering how come its only at that issue when new versions supersede it. Not that I'm worried myself as my windowws 10 machine died and I need to run up som dosh to get another one... grin.
 In the mean time 7 will do and shock horror, xp on this old machine which now sports a new update for the latest malware thanks Microsoft.

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From: Chris
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I would recommend that you upgrade your windows to the latest  build 1703 for best results with nvda

It has greatly improved since your build of 1607


Good luck




From: Robert A. Hansen
Sent: 15 May 2017 00:05
Subject: [nvda] Accessibility issues


Hello all,



I am Robert H.  I have been using NVDA since Fall of 2013.  I ran it on

Windows 7, Lenovo laptop, and Windows 8.1, Toshiba Satellite laptop.  I

have had good luck and positive experience with NVDA, including the

transition to Windows 10 on both of my laptops in 2015.  A few days ago

I received a Windows 10 Build 1607 on both of my laptops.  I have

noticed a big decline in the accessibility of NVDA with this windows

update.  The ever present "unknown" is all over the place.  This occurs

on both my laptops that I own. Each laptop has the same build of Windows

10 running on it.  I noticed this on the task bar at first.  Now I have

noticed it on the Mozila Firefox browser and Mozila Thunderbird email

program. I use Mozila firefox and thunderbird exclusively.  There are a

few other places I have heard the "unknon" word uttered.  Also, when I

backspace to erase or make corrections, I do not hear what I am

correcting.  Has anyone else out there experienced this decline in

accessibility?  Am I doing something wrong?


Also webpages do not read correctly or not at all.




Thank you for any help I can get.






Sincerely, Robert A. Hansen roberthansen1970@... WZRD Chicago 88.3





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