Re: Using Kodi with nvda, and the speech addon.

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Brian: It was called xbmc before. Through a plugin, it can output to various screen readers in Windows, Mac and Linux. It also supports SAPI5 in Windows.

Matt: Press F12 once or twice until you hear two beeps (if Kodi does this sound when it starts, ignore this last sentence). If it still doesn't work when pressing the arrow keys, you may have SAPI5 as your speech engine, and a voice which is not working as the selected voice.



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I'd be wary of anything cross platform myself. Most of it tends to be self voicing if that is in the spec, otherwise it often does not adhere to any standard of accessibility on any of the platforms it runs on.

I've never tried this media software myself, didn't it used to be called different name or did I dream that bit?
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Subject: [nvda] Using Kodi with nvda, and the speech addon.

Hi, subject pretty much says it all.

I installed kodi, and the screen reader add on.

I'm getting no speech from it.

Anyone on this list use it, or happen to no of a list for other kodi users?

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