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Well they broke it each release so what is the difference.

lets see, dos 5 was good 6.22 was fine 95 was fine ish 98 se was ok.

2000 was fine but me wasn't xp was fine but retail sucked.

Vista sucked, 7 was fine, 8 sucked 8.1 was a bit better but still sucked.

win10 initial build 10240 was ok build 11000 was fine build 15086 was ok build 1607 was fine build 1703 has a few hickoughs but its ok mostly.

The difference is that at least we don't have to keep paying for releases.

Lets hope ms do what happle does and let you upgrade from os to os for free at least till your hardware doesn't support that version and then well.

The cloud is the future, in fact its getting harder and more expensive to buy offline versions.

Oh and even if its offline the cloud hosts the installers etc.

The traditional instals are gone and will remain so.

At any rate its the same with software in general.

Thank god ms has the insider program so we can try snapshots of the os and by the time it goes public its half fixed, the rest security, and other stuff will come out in time, it seems that ms is pushing 2 releases per year which means well we will just have to see.

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Well this whole mess is why I'm not keen on office that runs on the cloud able to be changed at the whim of some programmer. Seems to me what Microsoft are doing with 10 is progressively breaking a working system then doing a big fix every so often to repair their damage.
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I updated the Toshiba with Creators edition. Everything is back to
normal. Why do they do this? I had almost a week of inaccessible
computing and thankfully I have two phones I am able to use. I was at a
loss. I searched the settings and then clicked on updates and
security. I was hesitantabout upgrading to the Creators edition, but
when You all advised me to do so, I jumped at the opportunity and did
it. Thank you for the advice.


On 5/15/2017 12:12 PM, Brian's Mail list account wrote:
I was just wondering how come its only at that issue when new versions
supersede it. Not that I'm worried myself as my windowws 10 machine
died and I need to run up som dosh to get another one... grin.
In the mean time 7 will do and shock horror, xp on this old machine
which now sports a new update for the latest malware thanks Microsoft.
Brian <>
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I would recommend that you upgrade your windows to the latest
build 1703 for best results with nvda

It has greatly improved since your build of 1607

Good luck

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*Subject: *[nvda] Accessibility issues

Hello all,

I am Robert H. I have been using NVDA since Fall of 2013. I ran
it on

Windows 7, Lenovo laptop, and Windows 8.1, Toshiba Satellite
laptop. I

have had good luck and positive experience with NVDA, including the

transition to Windows 10 on both of my laptops in 2015. A few
days ago

I received a Windows 10 Build 1607 on both of my laptops. I have

noticed a big decline in the accessibility of NVDA with this windows

update. The ever present "unknown" is all over the place. This

on both my laptops that I own. Each laptop has the same build of

10 running on it. I noticed this on the task bar at first. Now I

noticed it on the Mozila Firefox browser and Mozila Thunderbird email

program. I use Mozila firefox and thunderbird exclusively. There
are a

few other places I have heard the "unknon" word uttered. Also,
when I

backspace to erase or make corrections, I do not hear what I am

correcting. Has anyone else out there experienced this decline in

accessibility? Am I doing something wrong?

Also webpages do not read correctly or not at all.

Thank you for any help I can get.

Sincerely, Robert A. Hansen WZRD
Chicago 88.3


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