Re: different configuration profiles and different dictionaries

Rui Fontes

If each profile is for a different application, you can use this addon.


Rui Fontes

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De: Annemiek van Leendert
Data: 16 de maio de 2017 14:49
Assunto: [nvda] different configuration profiles and different dictionaries

I have two questions

First question: I have a version of NVDA on a USB-stick and I want to use two configuration profiles. For example profile A with dictionary A (in synthetic speech) and profile B with dictionary B (in synthetic speech). Dictionary A and B are very different. For example, when working in configuration profile A I want "US" to be pronounced as "United States". When working in profile B I want "US" to be pronounced as "US". Is that possible? How?

Question 2: In the map userconf is a map SpeechDicts. In this map is a file "default". Is it possible to change the dictionary directly in this file? I tried it, but it did not work.

I hope that someone can help me.

Best regards,


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