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Travis Siegel <tsiegel@...>

Yes, but if his numpad is on the left side, then the capslock key would be considerably closer to the numpad (and presumably the arrows) than it would be on a normal keyboard, that's why the suggestion was made.
However, since the insert on the numpad works just fine, I don't see any reason to modify the keyboard configuration to laptop or to use the capslock key, just use the insert and numpad arrows to do things, it should work just fine. The zero on the numpad doubles as an insert key, so there should be no issues with reaching the various NVDA functions.
I don't have a keyboard with the numpad on the left, but I'd sure not mind one, I'm (mostly) ambidexterous myself, and sometimes having to reach over with the right hand is irritating, I use the capslock key for that reason myself, so I can use whichever hand I'm comfortable with at the moment, so I have both enabled myself, even though I don't use a laptop keyboard or layout. It's all about what works for any given individual, and that's the nice thing about many many programs, including NVDA, there's usually more than one way to do things, which means there's likely to be something that fits any given situation.

On Tue, 16 May 2017, Gene wrote:

But its far more convenient to use the main keyboard insert and down arrow
with one hand than caps lock a.
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From: Rui Fontes
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If you switch to Laptop keyboard, Say all is CapsLock +A.
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De: Ann Byrne
Data: 16 de maio de 2017 15:18
Assunto: [nvda] NVDA with lefthanded keyboard
My student is currently using a keyboard with the numpad, including
the enter key, to the left of the regular keys instead of the
right.  Using capslock as the NVDA key.  Is there an alternative to
NVDA+down arrow for sayAll?  He can use the numpad keys, but that is
only the review cursor.  Unable to use his right hand at all, he
would have to reach from capslock to the arrows to do this,
yes?  He's a guy with lovely large hands ... but not quite *that large.
Any suggestions would be helpful.

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