Re: Buttons Not Working On Some Websites

Louis Maher <ljmaher@...>

Recently, I have had buttons not be shown with Firefox 53 on the Chase and
PayPal web pages. I have switched to the Chrome browser. You might try a
different browser.

Louis Maher
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Subject: [nvda] Buttons Not Working On Some Websites


I notice that on some websites buttons don't work with NVDA. For instance,
on the music website, one can play songs and albums. However,
when I prebbs a play butson with NVDA nothing happens. I still use JAWS
infrequently, and when I recently tried JAWS with bandcamp.comeathe play
bustons worked just fine. Is this a bug in NVDA that should be reporsed, or
must I change any specific settings? Thanks so much for any suggestions
and/or assistance.


Daveed Mandell

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