miscelaneous spoken items


I since yesterday have things spoken that are not meant to hear and not sure how to overcome this.


I am running a full virus scan as first point of illumination.


What happens is when I do a      alt tab from one window to another somewhere I hear something like tash switching. But if I stop at that point it opens the next window.


I hear at random announcements like “drag your folders here” or “new” and other things that I can’t remember for now.  This is often heard when arrowing up or down through my files or emails etc.


I even tried maximising the window and thus haven’t made a difference.


Im using Windows 10.


Thanks in advance.





Cheers Craig


Craig& his Guide dog Winnie



Far beyond the Shrouded hours of dawn

Through the mist Of daybreak I was borne

But the day was Clouded still by night

Leaving me in the land of no light



Title of song: Echoes In The Dark

Performed by: Uriah Heep - Songwriters: Hensley, Ken


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