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Its about time sites got their acts together. Somebody I know wanted to book a ticket on an airline site, something they had done many times with no issues, however the new improved site was completely inaccessible. I seriously feel things are getting worse these days of access as web designers seem to out graphic each other for no apparent reason.
Luckily I don't fly anywhere but it does just show how fragile the accessibility we thought we had won can be.

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Which browser? IS this possibly a Flash issue? Is your video sound
muted? There are many variables.

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What browser are you using? In some cases, websites work better with one
browser than others.

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If you are familiar with, find an artist and one or more
tracks and press the Play button. I just did that with no result. After I
pressed the Play button, the Pause button came up, but the track did not
play. This might not be a major bug, but it is rather annoying, to say the
least. I have found this problem on quite a number of music and other


Daveed Mandell

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