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enes sarıbaş

I don't know if I can share the templets. Working with tables is necesary in academia. Could you tell me the methods you use when working with them?
On 5/17/2017 7:49 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:

Actually, I've found some things that I do consider "significant variation" once you get to Office 2013 and beyond, and I'm on Office 2010.

If any one of these templates is of a "non-private" nature I'd rather have a go at using it to see if there is something quirky about the template itself, as I don't frequently work with tables with my clients who are screen reader users.  I'm happy to do so, though, so that I can speak directly to at least one of the forms/templates you're dealing with.

I believe my actual e-mail address comes through with these messages, but I'm not certain of that.  If not you can snag it on and shoot me a copy if you wish to have me pursue this further.
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