Re: Window-Eyes Tutorials and Transition

Tony Ballou


Very True,there's a great opportunity here for us to help many others
and we might as well do our best to take advantage of it. Throughout my
career I was an avid window-eyes user from 1996 to July of last year
which is when I made the full time move to NVDA with the release of
windows 10. I have yet to look at any of the VFO groups material for
having my hands in other projects. Is there a link out there for them?
I'm interested.


On 5/17/2017 2:36 PM, Andre Fisher wrote:
Hi everyone.

Although I was never a Window-Eyes user, strictly NVDA, I feel that
providing material, similarly to how VFO provided some nice
transitional material to help transition to JAWS is a very good idea
for NVDA. This will be especially beneficial to those persons who are
using the Free for Office Edition. As there is a page on the wiki and
NVDACon, I hope this suggestion can come to reality, as there is a
good opportunity to extend NVDA's reach and popularity, as well as
reporting features and bugs.

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