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Totally understandable,  in my transition from window eyes to NVDA, I have found this out pretty much the hard way sighs. The concept is almost 2 different animals. Thank goodness we have the obj pad add-on. cheers Joseph! You've helped me tremendously with this part of learning NVDA!  I know longer have to drive myself mad!



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If done properly, there isn't that much for a lot of users to learn and what does need to be learned, doesn't necessarily transfer from Window-eyes.  First, the most important thing to know is that as long as you learn certain commands, and not many, such as read title bar and commands like read current line, read current character and other review commands, you can do much or most of what you did using Window-eyes, unless you are an advanced user and make important use of such things as the Mouse Pointer in Window-eyes.  But a lot or most of what typical users use aside from screen review, read title bar, and certain other screen-reader commands, are Windows commands and program commands. 
For learning how to use object navigation and flat review, the user should learn them from instructional material or the manual if the user learns from manuals. 
there is some more or less equivalence when using flat review but none for object navigation.  In either case, it's better to learn the NVDA commands and even when learning flat review, not trying to remember things by saying, this key in Window-eyes did this when moving the mouse pointer and this key moves you in the same way using flat review.  That's my opinion.  My opinion is that it makes far more sense to simply learn how to move in flat review and how to activate using NVDA key NVDA enter and how to route the mouse to the navigator object or to the flat review position.  There is little or no exact equivalence in procedure in NvDA..

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I agree, but this is a, "Get writing!!," situation for those who are bilingual [in a manner of speaking] in both Window Eyes and NVDA.

I don't fit this category and based on what I think I know about the number of bodies involved in the "nuts and bolts" of NVDA the staffing is probably not available to do this in house any time soon.
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