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one thing that I have never seen discussed is whether the physical mouse can be used by a blind person with NVDA on a web page where some problem exists that prevents Flash from being worked with.  I haven't used a physical mouse and I don't know if NVDA can see Flash controls when working with it.
I've seen it stated that some links can only be clicked with a physical mouse and for some reason, are coded not to work from the keyboard.  I expect this is nothing more than bad coding and design and I have either never or almost never come across such links but that's another interesting aspect of the discussion.
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Hi, Brian,

I think I remember having to do a slow glide with the mouse one time but I don't recall what I was trying to find. There are times when a physical mouse does come in handy. Thanks for bringing this point up.

On 3/30/2016 4:13 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:

Just so people know this, even though NVDA+Down Arrow on the Chrome About page reads only "About Blank" there is other text, including the Version, that NVDA can and does read if you have mouse tracking on (which it is by default) and you glide your mouse pointer about the screen.

I have no idea why NVDA Find cannot find the word Version while a standard CTRL+F find in Chrome itself does.  I've tied playing with the commands to Follow System Caret and Move mouse to current navigator object to see if I could get NVDA to read that way, but I haven't succeeded.

Even if you don't typically use a mouse, if you've got one and are really certain that there must be something on a page you can get a lot of information by doing a slow, orderly "glide over" of the page with the mouse.  Depending on the layout of the page left-to-right working from top to bottom may work best.  For others top-to-bottom working from left to right will work best.  The layout of the Chrome About screen is pretty much a single column, not far from the left, so top to bottom, left to right works reasonably well.  You can always try a "quick and dirty" scan with the mouse until you hear something, anything, announced then getting organized about moving about.

Mouse tracking is one of the NVDA features I really like best because it gives another method to get to information when "the usuals" get cranky.


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