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Hi there Ollie,

This is something I may need for school in september, so if you could take a look at inclusive android and post any android epub readers that you don't find, especially the ones that work, I'd appreciate it.



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On May 19, 2017 11:34:27 AM "Mallard" <mallard@...> wrote:

Hello there,

I'm a staunch epub reader, so you got to the right place.

You can definitely read epub ebooks with Adobe Digital Editions, which
is free, and can be downloaded from Adobe's website (or from my Dropbox,
which is probaly easier - I'll pass the link at the end of this message).

Firefox has an add-on. I think it's called epub reader, but I don't know
whetehr it was updated for more recent Windows versions. I haven't used
it for years.

If you want an excellent, but not free app, I'd advise you to
investigate Qread at the following link:

I also read epub ebooks on my android smartphone. There are a number of
more or less accessible apps for that, which I'll be happy to discuss
with you off-list, if you're interested.

Here's the link to downloade Adobe Digital Editions from my Dropbox.
Unfortunately I only have version 3.0, but it's quite enough. If you
decide to install this version, it'll prompt you to upgrade later.



ps: Feel free to contact me also off-list, if you need any further help.


Il 19/05/2017 16:29, Marisane Moruthanyana ha scritto:

Afternoon list subscribers

May I know whether there’s a way in which to read epub material.

I read a little about the format and have heard that it is somewhat

May I ask anyone of you who ever read an epub-formatted book to
elaborate further about the format?

I hear people who read books in that format saying that one can only
read epub books through google chrome, because google has what they
call readium reader and that reader can read the books in the format.

Are you aware of that and how accessible is that with a screen reader
like jaws or nvda?

Does it mean that internet/firefox browser cannot handle epub material?

What other application does one use to read books in the epub format?

Your assistance in this regard is appreciated in advance.

With respect

Marisane (University of Limpopo)

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