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Travis Siegel <tsiegel@...>

As I've posted before (in several places) non-drm epub books are simply html files with other files included to make navigating the books easier.  You can simply rename the epub to .zip, extract it, and read it with the web browser of your choice, no special software required.

Doing it this way won't give you the navigation features, (table of contents, previous/next, and so on), but it's a quick and simple way to read the books without having to install extra software for the job.

On 5/19/2017 10:29 AM, Marisane Moruthanyana wrote:

Afternoon list subscribers


May I know whether there’s a way in which to read epub material.


I read a little about the format and have heard that it is somewhat accessible.


May I ask anyone of you who ever read an epub-formatted book to elaborate further about the format?


I hear people who read books in that format saying that one can only read epub books through google chrome, because google has what they call readium reader and that reader can read the books in the format.


Are you aware of that and how accessible is that with a screen reader like jaws or nvda?


Does it mean that internet/firefox browser cannot handle epub material?


What other application does one use to read books in the epub format?


Your assistance in this regard is appreciated in advance.


With respect

Marisane (University of Limpopo)


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