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Bhavya shah

Hi Shaun,
Does using local NVDA Remote servers help in any way, i.e. by
increasing the speed of relaying commands or something, or what is the
practical effect of having servers dedicated to countries?
Just curious...

On 3/31/16, Ben J. Bloomgren <bbloomgren@...> wrote:

Thank you for that site. I had heard of it before, but I just hadn't
visited it. It's an invaluable resource. Thank you.
On Mar 30, 2016, at 16:28, Gene New Zealand
<hurrikennyandopo@...> wrote:

Hi Ben

The user manual for nvda remote can be found under the help section for
the add on in the nvda add on manager.

If you are interested, a while back I did a audio and also a written
tutorial on using it. It can be found on the nvda audio tutorials page
When you get there jump down by headings to the section that refers to
NVDA remote.
It starts below this heading called How to provide assistance to another
NVDA user (using the NVDA Remote Support add-on)

It should be easy enough to follow. Again it is in both written and you
can listen to a audio version.

hope this helps.

Gene nz

On 31-Mar-16 12:17 PM, Ben J. Bloomgren wrote:
is there a tutorial on how to use NVDA Remote?

On Mar 30, 2016, at 12:37 PM, Shaun Everiss <sm.everiss@...>

well I just read this on twitter but there are some unofficial remote
servers. is the main server. is the server list there are 16 servers and could be room for
more they want to put servers world wide eventually.
Check out my website for nvda tutorials and other blindness related
material at

Warm Regards
Bhavya Shah
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