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Ricardo Leonarczyk

You can find it here:

2017-05-21 14:43 GMT-03:00, Olcay AŞCI <>:

where can I find this addon?

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It's just an amateur add-on developed by a NVDA user.

Ricardo M. Leonarczyk
2017-05-21 6:49 GMT-03:00, Brian's Mail list account
Probably because its being developed as an add on first as it may have
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Why is this addon not included as a standard part of nvda?

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From: Melissa Jean
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Subject: Re: [nvda] applicationsDictionary

Could someone gives some more information regarding this add-on
please? I fail at finding more information about it when I search.

Please and thanks

On 5/20/17, Engin Albayrak <> wrote:
Thank You.
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Just hit NVDA+shift+p when the focus is on the application you want to
a dictionary for, and the normal NVDA dictionary dialog will pop up for
to add entries valid only for this application.

Ricardo M. Leonarczyk

2017-05-20 16:33 GMT-03:00, Engin Albayrak <>:
Hello. Could please some one tell me how to use the
applicationsDictionary add-on?
There is not any document about that and, I need an ad-on like that.

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