Re: is the mail app accessible in windows 10

P. Otter

that's good news!
i'm not so satisfied with thunderbird as most other.
my problem is, when i start thunderbird, and  i go into the inbox the cursor is on the upper of the list, while for example winmail has the cursor on the last read email.
but as far i know that is impossible to do with thunderbird.
i hope that it better in the mail app.
on my laptop wich is working with windows 10 home, I have succeeded to let winmail work on windows 10.
on my desktop i tryed the same tric, but without succes.
it's a pitty.
windows vista was a realy bad os but winmail is the only  brilliant light weight  email client.
the rest of vista, i can't better talk about it!
paul otter

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This might change: according to some, Mail app works with latest next snapshots (at least say all works, according to them).




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The answer is no.  I tried it too but had the same issues you are having.

I did find on the suggestions of others here that the Thunderbird app works quite well.  I am using it very happily now.

Dan Beaver       

On 3/4/2016 8:58 AM, P. Otter wrote:

hello all,

i'm wondering if the mail app is accessible with nvda?

i've tryed it, i see the messages, but when i press enter i'm in the read window but i can't read any text.

are there trics to read the messages?


paul otter



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