Re: Attachments


On Thu, Mar 31, 2016 at 07:04 am, Patrick Le Baudour <p.lebaudour@...> wrote:
it does just that, because the attachment field is first.

Same here in Windows Live Mail 2012.  Though the attachment field isn't first, it's before the From and Subject and I virtually never have any message arrive marked important (the actual first field).  It's also interesting to note that in WLM 2012 you only see the fields laid out that way in one-line message view and that attachments will not even be shown on messages that have them until/unless the sender is on your safe sender's list.  A test message I just sent to my testing account from one of my own e-mail accounts didn't show that it had an attachment because I'd never added myself to the safe sender's list prior to doing the test.  Once I did, the "has attachment" field then populated in the message list.


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