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Would you happen to have the link to the email. I need to grab it from?

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Basically its certainly working.
When you click the link in the email you go to the blog post which
describes the changes and has a link to the normal download site.
This then presents you with an option to donate, If you select not this
time there, ust below the donate options, you just enter your email chooses

if you want email updates then the download link is active and it works fine

from there. its exactly the same as with the full version
They like to track downloads for data purposes,which is why they ask for
the email and do not promote downloads from the snapshot pages. Of course if

you go to the snapshot page, you get a version of the RC but not the release

version of it, ie it still has error noise etc.
As the RC is meant to be exactly like the release it uses the same download


I hope this helps new people. Its a slight annoyance to go via the donation

and registration page but no passwords are needed and you can opt out of
emails and you do not have to donate. In my view, simply moving the not now

link to above the donation options would have been better from the logical
layout point of view.


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