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Tony Ballou


I agree, in my years of doing this whether it be learning a screen
reader or having to transition from one to another myself or working
with clients who have had to do the same thing, it is always the concept
that tends to catch folks off guard a bit. In my own personal
experience, I am engaged in my own struggle with the object navigation
concept, and I've yet to address the touch cursor situation, for I don't
have a touch screen, hopefully I'm making sense here grins. As Joseph
points out, knowing how concepts such as browse mode, object navigation,
and touch cursor, work should make things easier. Looking forward to
listening to the presentation on this subject.


On 5/22/2017 8:34 PM, Joseph Lee wrote:
When it comes to screen reader transitions, what's more important is concepts. All three screen readers have similar command structure for some things but not others. However, an effective transition would not be complete without learning how certain concepts work, such as touch cursor, object navigation, browse mode and so on.
For those looking into transitioning between screen readers, I'd advise listening to an audio recording of screen reader comparison that was presented during NVDACon 2017 (audio to be made available soon).

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out of curiosity is it more for migrating from another screen reader such as jaws and windows eyes to the NVDA screen reader?

isit along the lines of what key it is in that program that is simular
to NVDA if it is there?

And is it more the baic ones?

Gene nz

On 19/05/2017 7:20 AM, Tony Ballou wrote:

Very True,there's a great opportunity here for us to help many others
and we might as well do our best to take advantage of it. Throughout my
career I was an avid window-eyes user from 1996 to July of last year
which is when I made the full time move to NVDA with the release of
windows 10. I have yet to look at any of the VFO groups material for
having my hands in other projects. Is there a link out there for them?
I'm interested.


On 5/17/2017 2:36 PM, Andre Fisher wrote:
Hi everyone.

Although I was never a Window-Eyes user, strictly NVDA, I feel that
providing material, similarly to how VFO provided some nice
transitional material to help transition to JAWS is a very good idea
for NVDA. This will be especially beneficial to those persons who are
using the Free for Office Edition. As there is a page on the wiki and
NVDACon, I hope this suggestion can come to reality, as there is a
good opportunity to extend NVDA's reach and popularity, as well as
reporting features and bugs.

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