Re: What mistake am I making, if any?

Jacob Kruger

Odd - maybe something to do with charactersets, affecting spacing, or something?

Wouldn't expect the virtual rendition to be affected by spacing in terms of what it looks like visually, but, that's otherwise about all can think of.

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On 2017-05-23 22:03, Brian Vogel wrote:


        Er, no, not for me it didn't.  I even noted in my original message that log in was two words, not one.  Not that anyone will be experiencing this part, but "logout" on that site is one word.

        Now, on my latest try under Chrome, it is finding it with an NVDA Find, but I need to figure out what confluence of events causes the NVDA Find to fail, because once it's failed, without restarting NVDA at a minimum, I cannot get it to find that link on that page while Chrome find works.
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