Re: Attachments


On Thu, Mar 31, 2016 at 10:43 am, Peter Beasley <pjbeasley23@...> wrote:
The notification is there but I would like to hear has attachment before anything else.

Gene is correct that this is a function of the ordering of presentation of the attribute columns in your e-mail client.  You would have to specify the e-mail client (along with version) before I or anyone else could experiment with switching the column order using the screen reader.

I've got Outlook 2010, Windows Live Mail 2012, and the Win10 Mail App on my machine using a "junk" e-mail account so that I can work through stuff step-by-step when necessary.  If we're talking about a web interface like Gmail then the issue becomes more complicated to impossible, depending on whether the interface allows the customization to move the attachment attribute column to where it would be read first.


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