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Howdy Brian,

Thanks for these tips, man you've just help me cut down on quite of bit of mail. 


On 5/24/2017 11:46 AM, Brian Vogel wrote:
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I know that most folks participate by e-mail, but there are some features related to how your individual messages or digests are delivered to you that cannot be controlled by the e-mail interface but where you must log in to your account and go to your subscription page.  If you have never logged in to the site and don’t have a password, please see the section on doing just that, which is toward the end of this message, first.

Using the Advanced Preferences for e-mail delivery gives you very precise control over which messages will make it to your inbox and can allow you to significantly decrease the amount of e-mail you receive from a high-traffic group while allowing you to decide what's important enough to keep an eye on.

Advanced Preferences for Your Group Subscription


Once you get to the main webpage,, you will need to navigate to the Log in (two words) button and activate it.  Once you’ve entered your username, which is the e-mail address you’ve used to subscribe to the group(s) you routinely read, and password, then hit the Log in button beneath them you will be taken to the “Your Groups” page.

1.        Do a screen reader find for “Your Groups” which takes you to the “Your Groups” dropdown button and activate it.  Arrow down through the list of groups to select the one for which you wish to set up your advanced preferences.  You will have to start back at this step for each group for which you wish to set up the advanced mail preferences.

2.       Do a screen reader find for “Subscription” link and activate it.

3.       Just so you’re aware these are on this page, there is a radio button cluster for the regular delivery options:  All Messages, Full Featured Digest, Plain Digest, Daily Summary, Special Notices Only, No email.  This is immediately followed by two checkboxes related to using a signature:  Use signature for web posting and Use signature for e-mail posting.  These are followed by the signature edit box, should you wish to set up a signature that goes on to all your messages if you check one of the previously mentioned checkboxes.

4.      Do a screen reader find for “Advanced” which will take you to the Advanced Preferences link.  Activate it.

5.       There are three major sections to the advanced preferences:

a.       Message Selection.  There are two radio buttons:  All Messages and Following Only.  If the first is selected then every message sent to the group will be sent to you in the format you selected for e-mail delivery.   If you select Following Only then the only messages you will receive are messages you’ve chosen to follow.  There is a checkbox associated with “Following Only,” “First Message Also.”  If this checkbox is checked it serves as a selective override such that the first message in any new topic is sent to you so that you can see it  and elect to follow it with the link at the end of the message if you wish to keep monitoring this topic.

b.      Replies.  There is a checkbox, “Auto follow replies,” which will make any topic that you start yourself, or any topic in which you reply to a message, followed.  This checkbox is generally only used if you have elected to use the “Following Only” feature for message selection.

c.       Max Attachment Size (only for groups that allow attachments).  This is followed by a dropdown box that allows you to choose from four different maximum sizes for attachments to be delivered to you via e-mail.  The default is unlimited size.  If you’re using an internet service with data caps you may wish to change this.  If you choose the zero option it means that all attachments will be stripped before a message is sent to you.

6.      Find the “Save” button and activate it to save these settings.

As you can see, if you choose a setup where you have elected to get messages with the “Following Only” option combined with the “First message also” checkbox this will greatly decrease the flow of e-mail you receive while allowing you to decide for each topic whether you wish to follow it to receive further messages or not.  If you do nothing then you will not receive any additional messages for that particular topic unless you hit the link to follow it at the end of the message or reply to it, if the “auto follow replies” option was checked.


Getting a Password to Log in to the Website

If you’ve subscribed via e-mail you have a login id, your e-mail address, but you’ve never been assigned a password for the website.  To get one:

1.        In your web browser, go to the main site login page:

2.       Find the “Forgot your password?” link and activate it.

3.       A page with a single edit box, e-mail address will open.  Enter your e-mail address in it.

4.      Navigate to the one and only button on the page, “Email Link to Log In,” and activate it.


5.       Watch your e-mail, including your spam/junk box, for a message from that will contain a link you need to activate that takes you to your profile page where you set your password.  This is the password you’ll use to log in to any group webpage where you wish to do something, such as changing your preferences, that requires you to be logged in to do.  You are, at this stage, actually logged in.

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