Re: help pairing and using Xamarin live player with visual studio on windows

Jessica D <jldail13@...>

Can you please provide written instructions, on how to get setup, including any download links for software, that way I can ensure I'm going to the right place to download what I need.
The last time I tried the preview, you couldn't read the start screen with voiceover.
Is this still the case?

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If you are saying that Visual Studio on the mac is inaccessible, you would be in error. The newest version of Visual Studio 2017 on the mac is quite accessible. I have it installed on my mac book air running the latest version of Sierra. The reason you have to use it is that the Visual Studio on mac is based on xamarin.


Greg Wocher

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If the Apple lot have not rapped this app over the knuckles I'd ignore it myself. The only way to get these people to toe the line is to ignore them and use some other solution.
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As some may have heard, Microsoft has released a new app.
This app is called “Xamarin live player.”

It’s available for both ios and android.

I’m trying to pair visual studio on Windows, which I’m running through VMwware fusion, to my iPhone so I can use the app, but everything I’ve found says that you have to use the mac version, which is totally enaccessible with voiceover.

What should I do?

Does this app work under Windows?

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