Re: NVDA with iTunes.


I have had some of these same weird issues.

On 3/31/16, Shaun Everiss <> wrote:
Well nvda has been a bit flakey with bt sync 1x to, its when you close
it down and sometimes during running the system can get unstable.
it can also go nuts ie if you run 2 explorer windows and am coppying
from both to 2 devices and one has a override dialog.
I had this happen where nvda crashed 5 times a day and I had to restart
nvda or the computer to get it working right.
Its not to bad if you are carefull but yeah this latest version is not
as stable as I would like.

On 1/04/2016 7:24 a.m., Chris Shook wrote:
99.9 percent of the time, iTunes crashes for me to. I have to restart
NVDA to get it to work, and then I have to close iTunes down.
JAWS works fine with iTunes. Does any one else see the irony in that?

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