Re: Introducing Windows 10 App Essentials add-on 17.06

Tony Ballou

Hi Joseph,

Thanks much. Even though the windows 10 professional system on my desktop is ornery and absolutely refuses to install the windows creators update, I got the app anyway!


On 5/25/2017 1:36 PM, Joseph Lee wrote:

Hi everyone,


I’m delighted to announce one of the biggest releases in Windows 10 App Essentials history: version 17.06 packs numerous tweaks and lays the groundwork for supporting exciting features in Fall Creators Update (Redstone 3). More info can be found at:


For those curious as to why I call version 17.06 one of the biggest releases yet, here’s why:

• In People app or when looking up contacts in My People (Redstone 3), NVDA will play suggestion sounds when contact suggestions appear.

• You can now use Skype commands while using My People.

• In Mail app, when writing a message, using at mentions (@) results in a list of contact suggestions appearing. NVDA will detect this and play suggestions sounds.

• Various tweaks to search field detection and handling in more apps.

• Certain workarounds are deprecated as NVDA itself will include them. These include announcing value changes for some combo boxes in Settings app. The workarounds that were part of the add-on will be removed once a stable version of NVDA that includes them is released.

• New and updated translations.


For those coming from Window-Eyes or other screen readers: Part of the reason why NVDA has superb support for Windows 10 is due to Windows 10 App Essentials add-on. This add-on includes features some of you have dreamed of, including improved support for various apps, a sound to indicate appearance of search results, and cutting-edge support for Microsoft Edge and other features.


One more thing: continuing from yesterday’s announcement on SPL add-on: as part of Project Contact Lenses, if you are using Window-Eyes and would like to taste what it is like to use NVDA with Windows 10, please write to me (or have Window-Eyes users write to me directly).


Enjoy the new add-on release.



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